The question you have since you are visiting this page is probably why (and maybe how) I got and accepted a sponsorship for the meme-game Raid. Well, the answer is pretty simple really.

As for the actual why: Obviously I am in for the money, the requirements to earn at least a little bit are minimal (for transparencies sake more on that a little bit further down). But for that I wouldn’t just “sell my soul”.

I have actually played the game before (shame on me!) when it was an offer on the Casual-Clicker-Multiplayer-Humor-RPG game “Shakes and Fidget” for quite the massive amount of premium currency. Had to play it for like a week and just kinda stuck with it because it’s really not that bad.

But it’s also not a game I could recommend people to play in good conscience which is why I am writing this here to begin with. While graphics look pretty nice and there’s some cool team strategies to employ, in the end Raid is just a gacha game with ridiculous monetization and pricing. Technically you can play this without spending a penny and do some really funky stuff but it takes literal ages and I’d assume it wouldn’t be fun for the average person.

Now for the how:

StreamElements basically pushed out this sponsorship offer to what I assume is basically everyone with 100 or more followers on twitch. I can’t really explain it otherwise, looking at my ballin’ 1.18 viewers average.

The payout is… quite alright – if you know how to cheese the system (which I do – I think I can safely write this here, the sponsor will likely never see this anyways). Basically the payout increases by the amount of NEW players that reach a certain milestone (level 15 and 25 respectively, with the first one usually not taking more than 1-2 hours if you do the right things ingame). With the use of some virtual machines I can trick the system and basically create some free money for myself 😛

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me through Discord, either in DMs (@qingo) or just join my server (shameless plug)