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until I think of something to put here, enjoy this “Broger” recipe:

Kingo’s Broger


Tomato ketchup
Mayonnaise (twice as much as ketchup)
Dill pickles
Soy sauce
Worcestershire sauce

Brioche buns (preferably homemade)
150g ground beef per burger
1 medium sized egg per burger
1-2 thin slices of tomato per burger
¼ ball of Mozzarella (~50g) per burger, in slices or in shreds
A few rings of onion, to your liking


1. Finely dice the dill pickles (~1 per burger, depending in their size). Mix mayonnaise and tomato ketchup in a 2:1 ratio, add diced pickles, a splash of soy sauce, a splash of Worcestershire sauce and some pepper and stir. Make in advance and refrigerate for best taste.

2. Pan on medium heat, put in a little bit of butter and toast your sliced open brioche buns. Remove from pan when to your liking.

3. Add a bit more butter to the pan and crack the egg(s) into it. Flip the egg(s) after 1-2 minutes and fry on the other side for maybe half a minute. Set the egg(s) aside.

4. Form your ground beef into thin and large patties, salt, and pepper on both sides. Make the patties larger than you think they would need to be. Put them in the pan, flip after around 3 minutes and add mozzarella on top. Put lid on the pan and wait 2-3 more minutes.

5. Spread the sauce on the top bun, add burger patty with mozzarella, tomato, fried egg and onions in your preferred order, put the top bun on and you’ve got yourself a lovely broger!