Things I want to achive!

A lot of these, especially the “passing map XY” are quite ancient from back in 2016 when I started playing!


Pass Camellia – Exit This Earth’s Atomosphere [Evolution] (rrtyui)
Pass xi – FREEDOM DiVE [Another] (Nakagawa-Kanon)
Pass t+pazolite – Distorted Lovesong [Love] (RLC)
Pass SOOOO – Happppy Song [happy birthday to me.] (Kuron-kun)
Pass kradness&Reol – Remote Control [Max Control!] (Taeyang) +DT
Pass t+pazolite – Call me it. (500 Tortures) [it.] (Fort)
Pass Omoi – Snow Drive [Rabbit’s Jumping Style] (Arieeru)
Pass Teminite & MDK – Space Invaders [Dimensional Virtual Arcade] (Ciyus Miapah)
Pass Haywyre – Insight [Normal] (Twiggykun)
Pass dj TAKA – quaver [Crescendo] (Monstrata)
Pass shikata akiko – Katayoku no tori [Arles] (lahphnya)
Pass Camellia ft. Yukacco – Be Wild [Inspiration]
Pass Tatsh – IMAGE -MATERIAL- <Version 0> [Scorpiour] (Scorpiour)


Mapping the entire Machinarium Remixed Album in a way that I am happy with it
Rank at least one map every year (Starting 2023)